Collaborate to innovate

Deeply understand your customer.
Deliver returns faster.

How we work

Applied innovation, collaborative process, insatiable curiousity, and products designed to make a difference.

We provide solutions that continue to serve people better.

It's a win-win for everyone

At C3LX we work in a way that uniquely brings together principles from Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Agile methodologies to collaborate with our clients. We deliver radically user-focused high quality solutions in an optimized time frame. We get to use our talents to serve humans, our clients get their ROI quicker, and their customers have their needs met at a personal level.

Whether you have hired us for a consulting project or we are working together to build a custom software application, day in and day out, this is what our clients say you will experience:

"C3LX goes beyond technical expertise. They focus first on building strong, lasting relationships and trust."

"C3LX takes time to understand our business and apply their technical expertise and end-user focused competence. The end result has been transformational."

"I rely on the candid, honest, and transparent communication from all levels at C3LX."

"Working with C3LX is easy, and they keep things fun!"

"It's been gratifying watching C3LX make people healthier and the world a better place."